How To Prevent Cracking And Flaking Paint?

Be it a residential or commercial property, painting the entire building using the appropriate materials and techniques is essential to preserve its value for years. Despite proper maintenance, cracking and flaking of paints start appearing on the walls in the long run. If not fixed at the earliest, the results can be hideous and expensive to fix. In fact, preventing the occurrence of paint flaking and cracking is much easier than fixing the paint damages. In this blog, we have come up with tips that help you prevent commercial painting Melbourne problems from happening.

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Add High Adhesive Paint Primer:

Poor paint adhesion is one the most common reasons for paint flaking problem. Inadequate preparation of building surfaces makes it difficult for paint to adhere to walls. To encourage proper adhesion of paints, we recommend using a high-adhesive paint primer that can easily and quickly adhere to various building materials such as masonry, wood and metal.

Avoid Adding Excess Of Thinner:

Paint cracking which is also related to paint flaking is caused by poor preparation of painting surface. It is also caused by adding excess of thinner to paint stocks. The best way to avoid paint cracking is to add the correct quantity of thinner to paint and apply thick layers to the surfaces.

Apply Paint During Favourable Weather Conditions:

Apart from priming and mixing faults, cracking and flaking paint problems are also caused by drastic weather conditions. Attempting to paint the buildings in too hot or too cold weather conditions may pave the way for eventual flaking or cracking. So, it is extremely crucial to coat your building when the favourable weather conditions prevail.

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